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White Label Poker


In the early days of multi-player online poker companies would spend millions of dollars in development cost to originate a single stand alone poker game. Today branded Poker Rooms, commonly known as Poker Skins, can leverage millions of dollars worth of Network infrastructure already in place for a mere fraction of the traditional creation cost.

In addition to our turnkey casino portfolio WinningStreak provides a number of different raked poker solutions (Texas Hold'Em) ranging from a brand-neutral Poker Club to the more sophisticated branded Poker Club solution. All online poker solutions are priced very competitively to allow a broad range of poker enthusiasts to realize their dream to create their own poker player community. According to WinningStreak's unique philosophy to offer a complete "one stop" gambling solution we have joind the "TOP Entertainment Poker Network" ("TOP") which offers great features and an outstanding level of quality in the white label poker world.

As your "one stop solution" provider we strive to facilitate your low cost entry into the world of online poker so that you can apply your working capital to where it matters the most, into marketing your very own poker room.

Overview of Poker Solutions

The TOP Network provides its B2B clients with branded products e. g. consisting of the following core elements:

  • Branded poker client and installer software (Windows based)
  • Branded poker room graphics - lobby and poker tables
  • Poker room back-office
  • Agent back-office
  • Affiliate portal (optional)

The standard TOP Poker Client comes translated into 10 languages (English is the default). For adding another language we are offering specific localization services to ensure that your poker player community feels "home" in your poker club.

All software elements provided by the TOP Network are 100% built in-house, meaning there is no integration of third party software. It has always been the core philosophy of WinningStreak to offer solutions which allow us to be in control of all software components. Therefore our clients are dealing with one vendor only whose products are uniform and all under the same roof.

White label poker club

Poker Club Products

Poker solutions which are built from the scratch to get "white-labeled" are rare. So more proud we are being able to offer a white label poker solution which allows poker enthusiasts to create their own poker club with different levels of customization:

Standard Club

The "Standard Club" is a brand-neutral solution (TOP Network branded) for anyone who wants to start quickly earning revenue with very little upfront cost. You select a domain name and we provide you a poker club website with access to the TOP network.

Your Poker Club Website comes with a user login and its own data base of user statistics. All you need to do is to market your poker club website. Our poker club marketing team will consult you by showing you effective ways to market both, locally in your geographic region and on the world wide web.

The "Standard Club" comes with an Affiliate and Agent Back-Office where you can manage your own agents and affiliates. The standard download poker client, the installer and the poker room are branded as TOP. The poker client has two banner locations where the club owner can run a series of banners in rotation (as many banners in the rotation queue as desired). We need eight working days for delivery after we have received the 50% upfront deposit and your choice of domain property.

Branded Club

Branded Club clients receive a branded poker client, meaning the Poker Game installer, the game lobby and the tables are all branded with your graphics and logo. We customise a website template according to whatever theme you prefer. For example you may be a sports team organisation that requires your own custom website colors to match your organisation's theme and unique banner graphics to go along with the website. The Branded Club comes with a unique graphic logo, choices of website colors and unique banners, offering a creative process where you participate with our in-house design team on the banner design. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery after we reveived the upfront 50% deposit and your choice of domain property.

For further details please contact us on Skype via ID: haraldengels

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