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Casino Solutions

The planning, development and setup of a conventional online casino can become an expensive and time-consuming task. Usually the products and services of several software providers need to be integrated and individually customized for creating a consistent, custom-branded white label casino. Beyond the setup, integration and customization efforts a casino operator is then also responsible to manage all operational and financial tasks on his side. To achieve this goal is no rocket-science but makes only economic sense if the finally reached business volume justifies these challenging efforts and high cost so far the required development resources are available at all.

The setup of a conventional online casino is therefore not always an appropriate solution, especially not for targeting to smaller markets or for reacting fast to new business opportunities.

Broad Range of Solutions

For operators and marketeers who require a professional high-end gaming solution we have created with our Premium Casino product-line a fully managed "turnkey casino" product category which is quiet unique in the market. You order it and we deliver a ready to operate professional casino.

With our free self-service casino evaluation packages we have successfully redefined what is technically possible in the low-end white label casino market. In less than one hour work a free custom-branded online casino can get setup and used for conversion testing (from visitor to sign-up). The cost-free nature of this self-service evaluation casino product-line requires an active contribution of the casino owner for all setup, customization and configuration tasks.

Fully Managed Solution

Fully managed turnkey casino solutions have proven to be a reasonable alternative to the setup of a conventional online casino and represent a great business opportunity to target with high speed and flexibility to attractive niche markets or to rapidly evolving markets where a fast market entrance is mandatory.

Many online gambling affiliates and web-portal owners have grown during the last years into a new dimension of professionalism, where they are demanding more than to be a simple casino affiliate. Staring only to a high commission percentage is not longer everything. The lack of control and transparency, cookie issues, traffic leakage problems and a missing long-term business perspective make many gaming affiliates aiming for a custom branded casino, which assures, that their traffic doesn't leave their own sphere of interest, influence and control and where a new dimension of scaling-up their online business is arising.

But there is often a concern that the setup of an online casino requires an huge amount of work and time, something what many professionals don't want to invest. They prefer to chose a paid service where all time-critical tasks will be overtaken by the casino provider. For this resource-sensitive clientele we have created our turnkey casino solutions which are adding time- and cost-saving service features to our highly popular online casino software products.

Benefits to Operate Your Own Casino

Running your own Premium Turnkey Casino provides several benefits:

  • Your traffic doesn't leave longer your scope of traffic control.
  • You don't have to deal with traffic leakage (every generated cent counts for YOUR commission).
  • You work on an own brand which gives your more business control and helps you to create a valuable asset.
  • You have access to player data for marketing campaigns and you earn a co-ownership of the customer data.
  • You can create your own affiliate network so that affiliates are helping you to scale-up your revenues. The affiliate network is your sole property.
  • WLC clients and also their affiliates can link directly to any game. All relevant conversions can take place directly in the game window and doesn't force affiliates to send traffic to a casino website. The innovative gaming interface is therefore a huge selling point for you to get more affiliates on board.
  • You can create a casino which is targeting to specific markets and market niches.
  • WLC partners are working have with WinningStreak partner who is dedicated to support you targeting also to less crowded market sections.
  • Running an own casino is inspiring and gives you a different level of identification with the marketed product.
  • In cooperation with you WinningStreak will provide an advanced player retention work which is different from most conventional online casinos where you may have worked already as an affiliate.
  • And there are many more advantages which we would like to discuss with you when we understand better your current business activities.

Advantages of a Premium Turnkey Casino

  • In the opposite to running a full-fledged online casino the financial risk is limited. Our clients don't have the responsibility to pay players or affiliates.
  • As our casino client you must not deal with setting up merchant accounts for financial transactions, something what has also consequences for bookkeeping and tax payments.
  • There are no licensing issues which usually require to establish a company in the country which is issuing the gaming license.
  • Customizability is an essential feature.
  • There is no hassle to integrate in a work-intense manner several software packes and web-servcies.
  • The casino platform is ready for launching your casino without time-consuming software development, software setup and software integration tasks.
  • Our casino clients are working with a proven setup and infrastructure which is supported by a network of in the casino business experienced partners.

Broad Range of Services

As a turnkey casino client you can take advantage of the following business solutions:

  • Scalable gaming solution from single embeddedable casino games to a fully customized, full-fledged online casino
  • Rapid deployment - usually between 7 - 45 days (depending on the requested services)
  • Setup of your own custom-branded affiliate program/network (optional, via affiliate program management back-end)
  • Setup of a custom branded back-end for player accounts
  • Influence to crucial turnkey casino business parameters (e. g. bonuses, via casino management back-end)
  • Implementation of effective risk management & fraud detection services (mandatory)
  • Participation in the custom-branded player support program (mandatory)
  • Participation in the custom-branded player retention program (mandatory)
  • Participation in the custom-branded VIP player retention program (optional)
  • Usage of progressive jackpots (optional)
  • Definition of your own marketing campaigns and social gaming events (optional)
  • Custom selection of casino games
  • Localization of websites and games (on request)
  • Development of custom designed games (on request)

Our "one stop solution" start-up services guarantee that turnkey casino and white label casino clients can start very fast with their new online casino business where only their marketing capacity and traffic quality is a limiting factor. For more details please check out our Turnkey Casino White Paper.

For further information please take a look into the informative product-line comparison chart.

Casino Slot Example

The screen-shot above was taken from the game "Hard Cash" (5-reel casino slots series)