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Land-Based Casinos

Online-casinos are usually seen as a competition for land-based gaming venues. But times are changing. Adding online casino services to a land-based casino gets more and more accepted as an integral part of a modern, holostic customer service approach where a land-based casino extends its market reach with a branded online gaming presence. Land-based casino operators who intend to add online gaming to their brick & mortar casino business will find within our casino product portfolio a plethora of opportunities to setup with a small investment of time and money a customized online-casino which will prevent to lose these customers to other online casinos. The perfect branding within all parts of the casino platform creates a seamless casino world covering the full range of physical (land-based) and virtual (online) game offerings. The combination of online casino and land-based casino promotion allows casino owners to run effective cross-marketing campaigns where each scope (online or land-based) represents an integral part of modern customer relationship management.

With some creativity even in countries with a restrictive online gambling legislation (e. g. USA) synergistic online casino projects can get created (e. g. based on comp points or by using free tournaments with landbased casino related prices). Starting with the integration of online casino gambling into the brick & mortar casino business model when the legislation allows online money deposits could be too late for getting your audience attracted (due to an exploding competition). Since the setup and integration cost must not be high (when e. g. using us as your online casino software provider) primarily the implementation time is a crucial factor. Therefore an as early as possible online casino implementation can be decisive for success when the legal barriers for online gambling will get lowered. Using creative online marketing models for online casino offerings already NOW comes with the benefit that a conversion to a money deposit model is then just a question of hours instead of months.

Casino Entrance

Our IT department supports brick & mortar casino owners to utilize their existing casino customer base by importing player data (from the land-based casino) into their online-casino database. The control over marketing and promotion activities allows a perfect integration of the online-casino gaming experience into the the land-based casino business model. Basically there is nearly no limitation how to use the online casino product lines as an extension of the physical gambling outside and inside the venue.

Since the relatively small investment of time and money doesn't impose severe financial risks and online-gaming is still growing at a fast pace the setup of a turnkey casino can be seen as an attractive opportunity for land-based casino operators to prevent losing players to other online-gaming providers and to strengthen their customer relationship in the traditional casino business.