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LAN Casino

Our LAN casino offering represents a casino which can be operated offline in a local area network and requires only one low band-width Internet connection for the communication of the LAN casino to the master management server. This feature makes this product line perfectly suited for emerging markets where broadband Internet connections are still not wide-spread. But the LAN casino can also be used in regions where online money processing is not widely accepted or blocked and therefore cash payments/payouts need to be managed by local casino agents or their sub-agents.

Local Area Network Casino

Please click here to get an idea how the LAN casino (Internet cafe casino) is structured technically.

The local casino network requires a peer-to-peer network with Windows PC's. One PC works as the admin host (the so called "server") and the other PC's are operating as the gaming clients. On the client side only one file is required in order to minimize the installation and maintenance efforts. The installation on the "server" is also a simple procedure. The "server" with the admin panel can buffer 15 minutes game-play results without an Internet connection for covering scenarios with a weak Internet connection and intermittend connection failures.

Market Specific Game Portfolio

The emerging markets where the LAN casino is targeted to (mainly in Asia) are used to play some games which are less popular in the western hemisphere. The LAN casino game portfolio differs therefore from the games which we are offering in Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc. The games are more lightweight and targeted to the specific local audience.

Offline Money Deposits

LAN casino players deposit money at a local agent instead of using Internet based payment methods. In the opposite to classic online casinos the LAN casino players do not have a player account. The accounts are "machine accounts" which get initially credited by the agent (admin) when the player starts to play and cashed out when the player ends his gaming session and leaves the casino. The LAN casino games are played offline (in a LAN casino or Internet cafe casino) via a local area network. The agent has a control panel which allows him to set and monitor the player balances. Only the control panel PC (admin) is connected with the Internet for reporting some financial data to a master management server (provided by us). Winnings get payed out by the agent to the player in cash.

LAN casino admin panel

Operating a LAN casino reverses the money flow compared with the traditional online casino model. By running a conventional online casino based on our casino software platform we are paying you the contractually defined commissions. In a LAN casino you are paying WinnigStreak the monthly revenue share.

The LAN casino software represents a professional product for real money gambling. We do not provide this casino type for fun-play deployments. So please do not request a casino setup if you do not intend to run a real-money based casino business.

Service in Asia

The LAN casino gets deployed and serviced by our Asian cooperation partner. Please contact us via Skype (ID: haraldengels) for more details.

Asian LAN casino game