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Website Development

An outstanding and inviting website represents the main entrance to an online casino. Premium Casino clients will receive a website which is ready to convert. White Label Casino clients WinningStreak is offering templates, guidelines and a broad range of support to make sure that their own website development will be a smooth process.

Broad Range of Options

All Premium and White Label Casino websites are running on our gaming platform and web-servers. You provide the casino website as a ready to launch HTML/CSS/JS website (White Label Casino) or we will build the website (Premium Casino) based on your concepts or grapic files (Photoshop or Gimp). Most websites which are developed on our side are based on a popular CMS software or in a few special cases with our proprietary casino website development framework. Both options guarantee a branding consistency, a correct affiliate ID tracking and the correct communication between the website and the gaming interface.

Casino CMS

We recommend for the development of your casino website the usage of our on a popular open source CMS software based front-end technology. This Casino CMS provides the following features:

  • Casino customization without the necessity to dig deep into HTML/CSS or PHP
  • As a starting point for the casino customization process we are delivering a casino template portfolio.
  • 14 different content module positions which can be varied dynamically from page to page
  • Modules with an automatic content creation for game related data: New Casino Games, Featured Casino Games, Random Game Selection, Promotions Module etc.
  • Fast creation of new content pages and an easy maintenance of already existing content
  • Pre-implementation of approx. 100 casino games with basic game data and affiliate ID tracking
Casino CMS Module

Website Framework Features

One core difference between our self-service casino packages and a turnkey casino solution is the included website development service. As part of our turnkey casino solution we are delivering you on basis of your design proposal a business ready casino website.

For easying especially the creation of multi-lingual websites we are providing a highly specialized casino website framework with the following features;

  • Country and language specific content delivery (a French player e. g. in Quebec/Canada can get served a different content and different game selection than a player in Paris/France; that is e. g. important for the selection of locally different payment providers and localized marketing campaigns)
  • Easy translation/localization of content
  • Scheduled inclusion of campaign splash screens and incentives for website visitors
  • Easy to handle content management structure
  • IP detection for identifying fraudulent player and country exclusion (already on the website level)
  • Broad range of already implemented website customization features (mainly via XML settings)
  • 14 different content module positions which can be varied dynamically from page to page
  • Integrated platform parser provides transparent access to many platform functions via HTML (no server-scripting required)