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Casino Licensing

Online-casino licenses are required for running an online casino to ensure that players and affiliates can identify in the case of disputes or irregularities the legal entity which operates the online-casino. The reputation of online-casinos was ruined over a long period of time by casino providers who have shown an insufficient level of financial integrity. A gaming-license which is not issued from the country where game-play is offered is legally seen useless and has no impact on the legality of the offered game-play.

A gaming license coverage is primarily required by payment service providers (PSPs). Without a gaming license PSPs won't process payments of a casino.

We at Winning Streaks provide casino clients consulting how to acquire a gaming license in a cost efficient and timely manner. Depending on the country such licenses require usually a 5 digit number of annual fees payable to the government of the licensing country. Many countries don't provide licenses for online-casinos to protect their own legally sactioned gambling activities and related financial interests. This protective approach was challenged repeatedly by EU court rulings during the last years so that we will see soon changes in the legal frameworks of many EU countries what will finally offer a broader range of licensing opportunities.