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Gambling Affiliates

Successful casino gambling affiliates are facing in an rapidly increasing manner severe limitations to expand their business. Conventional online-casinos have rarely a fundamental interest in letting affiliates grow to emancipated partners. The perfect world for conventional online-casino providers is the direct marketing to players without the necessity to pay affiliate commissions. The affiliate commission represents for these providers a painful profit setback which they try to avoid where this is ever possible. Therefore even big casino affiliates get very little control over the business process, the casinos are in charge. Affiliates have additionally to deal with traffic leakage problems, the overwriting and expiration of cookies, rising browser restrictions (Do Not Track cookie restrictions), and a high level of intransparency for which portion of their traffic they finally get paid. More and more affiliates additionally dislike to see traffic leaving their zone of control (their URL scope) what happens by sending visitors to casino websites and are looking for lucrative alternatives to that.

Another problem for affiliates is the lack of assets they can build beside their websites. Successful affiliate portals have a value but are usually not comparable with a well established online-casino where affiliates own the player and affiliate database.

The Turnkey Casino Solution

White label casinos are solving for affiliates many of these common problems and allow experienced partners to create and build-up with their own casino brand a valuable asset. The depth of control over essential business processes is bolstering all marketing activities and allows a deeper integration of casino gambling into gaming portals and gambling websites with substantial traffic. By choosing an appropriate domain name for the casino, traffic won't leave longer the affiliate's URL scope, what ensures, that there is no traffic leakage by direct type-in, expired cookies, and browser limitations. 100% of the realized revenues are counting for the turnkey casino owner. This fact has proven to cause a significant increase in revenues compared with conventional online-casino affiliation.

Create Your Own Affiliate Network

Our casino platform supports affiliates to create their own branded affiliate network. Ambitious partners with good contacts to other gambling affiliates and an appropriate affiliate marketing strategy are able to offer their sub-affiliates a generous and flexible commission model and access to a customized affiliate portal with a professional set of statistics and marketing materials. Even if the spread between your casino owner revenue and the commission of your affiliates is not huge, the volume of an affiliate network makes this feature an attractive option which you won't have as a conventional casino affiliate.

Get Some Fresh Air

Success in the casino affiliate business is often based on many time-consuming, repetitive, and boring tasks. Running an online-casino provides a more holistic experience and allows to communicate in an intense manner with other market participants (e. g. your affiliates). Crusty routines might see changes and your overall perspective of the casino market may get pushed into a state of evolution. Standing still is falling behind!

Click here to initiate the setup of your own casino and affiliate network.

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The screen-shot above displays a typical gaming affiliate website (here a site from the Netherlands). This affiliate marketing
example was published with the friendly permission of Roulette Spelen.