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Casino API

In the gambling world of the 21st century everything is about web-services. Casino operators are expecting a high level of flexibility for the casino customization and the integration of their casino into other web-services. Settling with a turnkey casino platform which doesn't provide a powerful API represents a bad choice and causes earlier or later problems due to the lack of flexibility and data integration.

Access to Core Functions

Our turnkey casino platform provides via REST access to a wide range of core functions and unifies the access to game providers within one gaming interface. This excerpt of the gaming API provides a first idea which features can be accessed via web-services. Using the API is not required but in many cases helpful to customize a casino beyond the scope of the already "built-in" customization features. Often accessed core features include:

  • creating casino player accounts
  • editing / synchronizing casino player data
  • retrieving statistical casino data
  • triggering emails (e. g. for player retention services)
  • crediting player accounts (wallet integration)
  • withdrawing credits from player accounts (wallet integration)
  • defining and crediting player bonuses and free-spins
  • requesting a list of caswino games and game previews
  • unified access to the games of different game providers
  • integrating additional online games (or game providers)
  • integrating additional payment system providers (PSPs)
  • integration of alternative casino components
Casino API excerpt

First Class Documentation

The API and all related software components are well-documented what allows developers to realize their product ideas in a straight-forward manner without long phases of try-and-error. Click here to get a glimpse of the API documentation and here to preview the table of content of the casino setup manual (documentation of the casino website framework).

Developer Services

The best API is only half as good if there isn't a professional service offered for developers. Our staff consists of specialized and experienced experts which will support your development activities in the best possible manner. We provide for developers staging servers and test scenarios which allow the development of even complex applications in a short period of time.