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Agent Model Casino

In many markets gambling related online payments are not popular or difficult. Several reasons make casino players favorizing to visit local gambling establishments and to pay/collet money in cash:

  • Country-specific restrictions (imposed by the government) which prevent online payments
  • The payment system provider(s) do(es) not accept payments from these countries
  • Players do not have access to the typical online payment methods (e. g. credit cards)
  • Players in some specific markets do not trust online payments
  • Some casino players dislike to play isolated, they prefer to play in a socially more vibrant environment (local gambling hall or Internet cafe)

Popularity of Agent Model Casinos

Especially for emerging markets where gambling related online payments are blocked or unpopular we are offering so called "agent model casinos" where the casino owners/employees/agents are managing deposits/payouts in cash. This casino type can be used also for managing prepaid cards or pre-funded player accounts which are then sold to players in the local gambling establishment. Agent model casinos are the prevalent, highly popular online casino type in Asia, Latin-America and Africa.

This casino model is also perfectly suited for using virtual currencies or crypto-currencies (Bitcoin casino). A social network API supports a wide range of implementation.

Agent model casino owners get access to a special API which allows them to develop their individual, business-specific workflow which reflects their market requirements.

Market Specific Game Portfolio

The emerging markets where the LAN casino is targeted to (mainly in Asia) are used to play some games which are less popular in the western hemisphere. The LAN casino game portfolio differs therefore from the games which we are offering in Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc. The games are more lightweight and targeted to the specific local audience.

Offline Money Deposits

Agent model casino players deposit money at a local agent instead of using online payment methods. In the opposite to our LAN casino solution players can have personalized player accounts so that the in a gambling establishment started game-play can get continued from home or any other Internet connected location. The accounts get initially credited by the agent (admin) when the player starts to play and the winnings can get cashed out at any time when the player re-visits the gambling establishment. Agent model casino games are played online (in the opposite to our LAN casino solution where the game-play is offline in the local network).

Operating an agent model casino reverses the money flow compared to the conventional online casino model. Agent model casino owners pay WinnigStreak the agreed revenue share on a monthly basis.

The agent model casino software represents a real money gambling product. WinningStreak is not providing this casino type for fun-play deployments. So please do not request a casino setup if you do not intend to operate a cash based casino business model.